US-Russia Marketing Group (URMG, LLC) offers its clients the following services:

  • Product / Equipment evaluation, including demand analysis and any related research to enter, promote and develop it’s Customers products for the Russian Federation;
  • Identification and pre-screening of the most qualified potential non-exclusive distributors in the Moscow region and throughout the Russian Federation for particular products/equipment;
  • Organization of meaningful meetings in Moscow to meet distributors who exhibit a serious interest in a company's products;
  • Assistance with negotiations, interpretation and consulting during all meetings in Moscow with Russian companies. URMG, LLC executive would always accompany our Customer’s representative to all pertaining meetings in Moscow;
  • Complete travel package available for clients being new to Moscow, including: visas, car and driver, translator, Western type hotel, etc;
  • Assistance with speedy certification for all types of products and equipment;
  • Follow-up correspondence and meetings with potential Russian distributors;
  • Continuous efforts to seek out new directions of business development for all of our Customers, expanding into the markets of the Russian Federation;
  • Payment guarantees from any Russian distributors recommended to our Customers by URMG, LLC.