US-Russia Marketing Group (URMG, LLC) was founded in March 1988 as US-USSR Marketing Group. The company was established to assist North American firms to enter and position themselves at the industrial markets of the former Soviet Union.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the company name was changed to US-Russia Marketing Group, LLC and a new era of US-Russian business relations began. Currently, URMG, LLC provides a full assistance for the North American industrial manufacturers in establishing distribution networks for their products in the Russian Federation.

To date, URMG, LLC has successfully represented and continues to represent American companies in the Russian Federation. URMG has established an extensive network of business contacts with many influential Russian companies, major Distributors and various Government agencies of the Russian Federation.

URMG's headquarters are located in Hollywood, Florida, USA. And, the URMG's Russian office (Moscow Bureau) is located in Moscow, and is staffed with number of technically experienced engineering and marketing professionals, ready and willing to carry the representative duties for the URMG Customers (US manufacturers) on the territory of the Russian Federation.